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Corruption is Destroying Cambodia’s Forests Globally, approximately 120 countries have right to information laws. Logging activities in Koh Kong, Cambodia Photo Paul Mason USAID/Cambodia/OGD The country’s forests contain some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful fauna. According to NGO, Open Development Cambodia, the country is losing 770 square miles of forest per year, rendering several species of diverse wildlife endangered.

Corruption in Cambodia? – The Diplomat In some countries, these laws are top notch, but in others, the laws either don’t exist or need significant improvements. Transparency International TI has released its 2013 findings of the world’s most corrupt countries. Cambodia came in as the worst performing country in Southeast Asia, with a score of 20 out of a possible 100 very clean – ranking it 160 of 177 countries.

Overview of corruption in Cambodia On International Right to Know Day, citizens are speaking out around the world to demand greater accountability from government. Corruption in Cambodia Part 2 Anti-Corruption Efforts in Cambodia Part 3 Further Reading Summary After decades of civil war and political violence, corruption has pervaded almost every sectors of Cambodian public life, with a system of patronage well entrenched in society. Both petty and grand forms of corruption are widespread.

Corruption is Destroying Cambodia’s Forests
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