Applied linguistics dissertation

Linguistics Theses and Dissertations Linguistics Brigham. Jin Bi, "Bilingualism and Cognitive Control: A Comparison of Sequential and Simultaneous Bilinguals" Abdulaziz Alzoubi, "The Effect of Social Factors on Emphatic-Plain Contrast: A Sociophonetic Study of Arabic in Amman City of Jordan" Kristin Hiller, "International Undergraduates and Discourses of Internationalization: Exploring Conceptualizations and Experiences of the Internationalization of Higher Education and Representations of International Undergraduates at a U. Brigham Young University's open access repository's section for electronic theses and dissertations concerning linguistics.

Masters Theses Department of Linguistics University of. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Learn more about the Doctor of Philosophy in Education. The program promotes significant research on the teaching and learning of additional languages, including but not limited to English, and on the interaction between language ideologies and practices in multilingual communities and societies. Computational Linguistics, Grammar Engineering Jessica Giesler. "A conflicting-cue study examining the relative strengths of consonant transition cues as affected by vowel, noise and position."

Writing an Applied Linguistics Thesis or Dissertation A. program in Education, with a concentration in Applied Linguistics, prepares students to study ways in which languages – and, in particular, second or additional languages – are used, taught, and learned in today’s increasingly globalized and multilingual world. This invaluable guide introduces first-time thesis writers to the process of writing up empirical research. To help students understand what content and structure are appropriate for the different parts of a thesis, John Bitchener presents a range of options, richly illustrated with analyses of and commentary on sections from a real Masters thesis in Applied Linguistics.

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Ph. D. Dissertations - Department of Linguistics - UCLA Time Limit for Degree Completion: 7 years Campus Location: Main Full-Time/Part-Time Status: Students may matriculate either full-time or part-time. Applied Linguistics The Acquisition of Segmental Timing by Children in a Japanese Immersion Program Lee, Felicia 1999 Antisymmetry and the Syntax in San Lucas Quiavini Zapotec Espanol-Echevarria, Manuel 1998 The Syntax of Purposive Expressions Kirchner, Robert 1998 An Effort-Based Approach to Consonant Lenition Hess, Susan 1998 Pharyngeal Articulations

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